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3rd Annual

Waste Conversion Congress East Coast

June 17-18, 2013 | Boston, USA

Deliver a profitable and operational waste conversion project by securing finance, feedstock and approval

The show is now over. If you missed it, you can still get our post conference materials compiled at this very event. Click here to get access to your post conference materials.


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Sierra Energy ameresco Plasco Harvest Power
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY: Select the most suitable, reliable and commercially viable conversion technology for the needs of your locality
  • OPERATIONS: Evaluate all available revenue streams and build a project plan that secures long terms feedstock and off take contracts
  • FROM PROFIT TO PILOT: Hear from fully operational case studies and find out how you can bring your waste conversion proposition to market cost effectively.
  • SOURCES OF FINANCE: Raise project finance on the right terms by speaking directly to the financiers who are investing in new projects right now.
  • GETTING YOUR PROJECT APPROVED: Understand the ins and outs of the regulations on the east coast. Find out how to establish a waste conversion project that pleases the community it sits in.
  • KICKING THE TIRES: Witness a successful project first hand on our waste conversion site visit. Ask the operators how you can deliver your project in line with investor and municipality expectations

To download the brochure for this ground breaking event, click here

AGreen Energy LLCComplimentary Site Visit

On Sunday June 16, we are organizing a site visit to the fully operational and commercially successful Agreen Energy LLC anaerobic digester outside Boston.

  • Find out for yourself how waste conversion is no longer a pilot experiment and is now a profitable route to waste management
  • Speak to the owners of the successful site so that you can take home what you learn and apply it to your own waste operation
  • Ask pertinent questions to evaluate precisely how you can make money from converting waste

This is complementary with the congress much like the hours of networking time you will be able to take advantage of. Click here to see who will is already going and who you can meet and build business with

The Conference is a great place to network with new potential customers and hear the latest trends in the Waste Conversion arena.


The waste conversion industry is in flux. This year sees the unveiling of several commercially operational waste conversion projects across the USA. The industry is holding its' breath to see what will happen next. Meanwhile, the underlying trend of municipalities moving away from landfilling is up and increasingly states on the eastern seaboard are focusing their efforts on fidning and delivering new options.

Among the contenders are Gasification, Anaerobic Digestion, Waste to fuels, Waste to chemicals, landfill gas to energy, biogas creation and improved waste to energy technologies. The challenges are clear: choosing the right technology for each municipality and then delivering an operational project cost effectively and at scale. Not to metion the issues of financing these projects and getting them approved in each locality.

With all these challenges coming to the fore, Renewable Waste Intelligence has put together the 3rd annual Waste Conversion Congress on the East Coast. Set for Boston on June 17-18 2013, this event will be the one stop shop for those looking at the specific challenges of transitioning from landfilling to clean, cost efficient waste conversion technology.

Addressing these issues are some of the industry heavyweights and pioneers that are driving progress:

  • Mauricio Vargas, Executive VP, Plasco Energy
  • Mike Hart, President & CEO, Sierra Energy
  • Craig Stuart Paul, CEO, Fiberight
  • John May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers

To see the full speaker lineup - Click here

As new markets open up, you know that partnerships are the key. The link between municipality, technology provider, waste management company and EPC must be strong to ensure a successful project. So we’re ensuring that the room is fit to burst with 200+ key stakeholders. This is not a concept conference - this is about making deals happen and putting in plans for the future.

So why is this conference the unmissable waste event of 2013?

  1. Up to the minute case studies from operators working in this space; Enerkem, Ineos Bio, Plasco and Cornerstone Environmental are making this happen right now. Learn lessons and avoid the stumbling blocks by listening to the pioneers in this space
  2. Project approval can be a maze at the best of times so we have two full panels giving you the lowdown on moving project approval through quickly which include municipalities and state regulators
  3. Finance has ever been the stumbling block for waste conversion, so we have a panel of investors who are set to tell you how to make your project investable and can negotiate the terms for your capital investment package

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Don't miss out - reserve your space today and I'll see you in Boston!

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