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Day 1: 9am
Chairman: John Carlton, VP, GBB
9.15 Panel Session: Evaluating Technology Options for Effective MSW Conversion
  Moderator: Ron Cascone, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Consulting, Nexant Inc
  • Discover what methods for conversion: thermochemical or biochemical, or a hybrid of the two - have the greatest yields and energy extraction value for MSW
  • Navigate the risks inherent in each conversion process and discover what processes have been taken to mitigate these risks
  • Decipher the viability of emerging conversion technologies for MSW feedstock to biofuels - what will it take to get these technologies commercialised 
Duke Leahey, Founding Partner, Nidus Investment Partners
Jared Gonsky, Senior Business Development Manager, Lanzatech
Lisa Dyson, CEO, Kiverdi
10.00 Understanding the importance of selecting the correct “front end technology”
  • Increase your revenue through front end recycling, sorting and separating
  • Understanding the importance of front end equipment and a proper waste analysis
  • Recognize the importance of selecting a “proven” turn key supplier
Jeff Wolfe, North American Sales Manager - Waste, Alternative Fuels & Energy, Vecoplan
10.30 MSW to Biofuels: Developing a Nationwide Program
  • Mitigate your project risks to in order to attract capital
  • Address feedstock, technology, commodity and construction challenges for successful project development
  • Learn exactly how to bring your MSW to biofuels plants to commercialization

Jim Macias, CEO, Fulcrum BioEnergy

11.00 Networking Coffee Break
11.30 Waste to Biofuels Proven at Commercial Scale
  • Key pitfalls revealed in the project's journey to commercialisation: gain an insight into how risks were mitigated and obstacles successfully overcome
  • Learn about the strategic partnerships the company made to establish growth, finance and long term security
  • What innovative finance structure was proven as a credible pathway to full scale commercialisation; how can these principals be integrated into your project
Dan Cummings, Vice President, Ineos Bio
12.00 Ensure You Are Competitive on Varying Scales
  • Hear from one of the first U.S.-based companies to successfully produce biofuel from waste on an industrial scale through finished fuel production
  • Learn how the company successfully addressed the scalability, energy, and non-homogeneous feedstock obstacles that have limited biomass conversion initiatives in the past
  • Understand the yields and production capability of MSW on varying scales - understand what is necessary to stay competitive
Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO, Fiberight
12.30 Progressing from the Lab: Essential Steps for Start-Up Companies
  • Realise how building partnerships is critical to the success of your biofuels project
  • Examine how waste can be converted by integrating a proven sorting process to overcome hard-to-handle MSW - with a patented gasification technology and high value fuel production process
  • Get your project off the ground and enhance the credibility of your process by developing partnerships and building relationships throughout the supply chain
Sam Yenne, CEO, Maverick Biofuels
Nat Mundy, CEO, FREE Clean Energy
2.15 Thermo Process for Waste to Gasoline: The Case of Massachusetts
  • Understand how the gasification platform can enhance the resource recovery of waste to produce high value gasoline
  • Gage the progress of the USA's largest waste to gasoline project based in Taunton, Massachusetts - what challenges and breakthroughs has the project faced
  • Decipher the viability of gasification & learn how the company is working alongside the City of LA, The County of LA and NYC for progress
Frank Campbell, CEO, Interstate Waste Technologies
2.45 The Role Gasification Plays in the Biofuels Industry
  • Gain insight into role gasification has played in the biofuels industry and the progression towards complex feedstocks such as trash and plastics
  • Understand the market drivers, specifically in regard to climate legislation and the energy & fuel initiatives of the Department of Defense, and their role for the biofuels industry
  • Hear the company's approach to technology risk, financing, building partnership and ensuring ROI
Mike Hart, CEO, Sierra Energy
3.15 Municipal Solid Waste as a Feedstock for the High Value Butanol & Chemical Market
  • Tap into the high value chemical market using MSW as a proven cost competitive feedstock
  • Discover how this cost competitive bio-product can help you tap into the $5 billion market - with biobutanol products such as polymers, plastics, paints, coatings and resins
  • Secure an additional revenue stream to fuel production or to enhance your value of your current process by employing a demonstrated advanced fermentation technology for n-butanol from MSW
Joel Stone, President, Green Biologics
Damien Perriman, VP Business Development, Genomatica
4.15 Secure Long Term Contracts for Feedstock
  • Understand how waste conversion fits into the overall strategy of a leading Waste Management Company
  • What risks concern the Waste Management Company and what do they want to see from the industry and private partner before making a strategic investment
Roy Johnston, Associate, Corporate Venturing, Waste Management Inc
4.45 Pioneering Strategic Partnerships for MSW-to-Biofuels: The Case of Enerkem
  • Learn how the company developed key strategic partnerships with municipalities to large industrial groups, for the deployment of its commercial projects
  • Examine how these partners will contribute to the success of your projects from feedstock to product sales
  • Strengthen your own project by identifying how strategic partners' bring validation to the business model and process
Tim Cesarek, Sr. Vice President, Enerkem
5.15 Global Insight into the Market Growth Opportunities for MSW to Biofuels
  • Gain a quantifiable insight into market growth opportunities for emerging municipal solid waste to biofuels technologies worldwide
  • Understand the potential yields and production capacity of this feedstock
  • Factor in the feedstock availability and cost of Municipal Solid Waste on a geographical scale and determine how you can tap into this resource
 Mackinnon Lawrence, Senior Research Analyst, Pike Research, a part of NAVIGANT

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Day 2: 9.00
Chairman: Ulrich Schulte, Management Board, Business Divisions Recycling, Waste and Systems Suppliers America, Vecoplan AG
9.05 Combine Recycling With a Waste to Biofuels Process   
  • Reposition waste as a strategic community resource; learn how to extract maximum value from recyclable materials and convert them into ‘recovered resources' to displace reliance on fossil fuels
  • Enhance your MSW to Biofuels process by discovering how a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is engineered to prepare hard-to-handle feedstock
  • Drive profitability and efficiency by adopting a pre-sort and pre-treatment process that will boost the energy value of your waste
Jim Bohlig, CEO, ReCommunity
9.30 Anaergia session
  Focus to be confirmed
10.00 The Importance of Securing an EPC Contract
  • Learn how an EPC contract is vital in obtaining finance for high risk biofuels projects
  • Discover how to drive the project feasibility stage by working alongside an EPC contractor to overcome roadblocks to project success
  • Understand how working alongside a respected EPC will ensure your project meets critical project timeframes, in a cost effective & efficient manner
Ted Pytlar, Vice President, D&B Engineers and Architects
10.30 Negotiating Successful Offtake Agreements
  • Discover what an end-market player looks for when guaranteeing the offtake of a final biofuel product - learn how Solena enhanced the commercial viability of their platform through their private partner British Airways
  • Why Jet Fuel?  How producing a high-end product for a captive audience enables a unique, financeable offtake model
  • Gain an insight into the company's approach to successfully building partnerships, ensuring ROI and gaining finance
Robert Do, CEO, Solena Fuels Corporation
11.30 Managing Biofuels Risk - The Role of Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Examine the price outlook for the value of biofuels & calculate expected returns 
  • Profile key elements that lenders and investors will look for in a project finance transaction - make sure your biofuels project meets their expected criteria
  • Insight into key M&A due diligence points for growth: target your fact-finding mission and determine whether the biofuels focused acquisition makes sense for your company
Doug Main, Managing Director, Deloitte
Paul Warley, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Deloitte
12.00 Raising Capital: Venture Funding, Private Equity, and Capital Markets
  • Find out how to prove your commercial viability to the investment community and navigate a complex capital-raising environment
  • Identify what private investors (venture funds and private equity firms) look for when making investment decisions
  • Consider the capital-raising options in the public markets, including IPOs, so you can position yourself for the best chance of success
Pavel Molchanov, Sr. Vice President, Alternative Energy, Raymond James & Associates
12.30 Round Table Discussion: Project Financing Considerations for Waste Projects
  • Given the current market environment, what financing mechanisms are available to developers to get their projects successfully up and running
  • Discuss the key elements necessary for a successful project financing: what risks needs to be guaranteed to secure reliable financing
  • Discover what transaction structures are being used in the most successful MSW to Biofuels projects today
John May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers & Co
John Kirkwood, Partner, Krieg DeVault
Mark Riedy, Partner, Mintz Levin
2.15 Advance Using the Public/ Private Partnership Model
  • Understand what initiatives are being taken on a national level  to link environmental concerns with economic development opportunities
  • Understand what innovative structures are being used today by both public and private bodies to combine resources and expertise in pushing forward the delivery of  biofuels projects' - what are the commitments both parties should make
  • Realise how state/local government can  maximize financing available to them for these types of projects through finance tools such as bonds, TIF, tax credits and RLFs

Richard Fleming, President of theBoard of Trustee, Climate Prosperity Project, supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund

2.45 Local policy Framework  for Waste to Biofuels
  Moderator: Steven Burke, President & CEO, Biofuels Centre of North Carolina
  • Meet a municipal group who plans to select a waste to biofuels conversion technology for a  public / private partnership
  • Gain a unique perspective on how municipally owned facilities can team with emerging technologies to assist them in commercialization
  • What needs do municipalities have and what questions do they want clearly answered before developing a public private partnership 

Rick Fosse, Public Works Director, Iowa City Public Works Department
Charlie Reighart, Recycling & Waste Prevention Manager, Baltimore County Dept. of Public Works & Vice President, Maryland Recycling Network

3.15 Federal Policy: Supportive Legislation
  • Become expert on the market drivers for biofuel through the US Renewable Fuels Standard and determine how waste to biofuels can contribute to the US mandate for biofuel production and use for auto and truck fuel supply
  • Understand how the RFS2 (the Renewable Fuel Standard program) and RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers) drives the viability of your project
Brian Duff, Chief Scientist, Department of Energy (DOE) - Biomass Program
3.45 Fuelling the World's Aviation Fleet with Renewable Fuels
  • Why are the largest aviation and energy/technology companies in the world are putting weight behind biofuels
  • Understand how the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) works, and how this public/private partnership assists commercialization activities by facilitating collaboration amongst all players in the alternative fuels space
  • Realize the potential for stakeholders who are leading the development and deployment of alternative jet fuels for commercial and military aviation
Steve Csonka, Executive Director, CAAFI

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