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4th Annual MSW to Biofuels and Bio-products Summit 6 & 7 October 2014, Hyatt Regency, Orlando


Check out our groundbreaking agenda below, including sessions encompassing all of the latest industry developments in the industry including a section focussing on the most innovative use of MSW in bio-products. Please note that these session timings are subject to change at this stage.

We have already confirmed the likes of the CEO of Fiberight, plus top level exec from Enerkem; in addition to a host of great financial advisors and municipalities. If the agenda addresses the challenges in your business then make sure you come to Orlando this October.  

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9.00: Opening Remarks from organiser and the chairman


9.10: MSW Conversion technology under the microscope – methods from a commercial stand point

  • Assess the yields and energy extraction value from MSW using thermochemical, biochemical or a combination of the two and ensure you chose the most proven method
  • Utilize expert suggestions to avoid the risks inherent to each conversion process by applying them immediately to your project
  • Get insider knowledge on which technology experts believe will have the greatest success achieving commercialization

Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO, Fiberight

9.40: The Pivotal positioning of gasification in MSW conversion technology

  • Take advantage of gasification which enables the total breakdown of municipal solid waste preventing exposure to a differing waste stream
  • Harness the new lease of life the EPA has given gasification technology with the declaration that this is not burning but a chemical process
  • Discover which company promises to have the most economically viable and low risk gasification solution and differentiate your business in the market place

Bruce Leonard, Director, Corporate Development, Alter NRG

10.10: Commercial Scale projects – tried and tested

  • Define your strategy by learning from the strategic partnerships this pioneering company made to establish growth and reach commercialization
  • Apply the proven and credible finance structure used to achieve full scale commercialization to your own project
  • Get ahead by dodging the key pitfalls that this project experienced and incorporate the solutions formulated into your own line of attack

Tim Cesarek, VP, Enerkem

10.40: Master the inconsistent waste stream by selecting the best “front end technology”

  • Recognize the importance of working with MRFs through front end recycling to sort and separate your desired waste stream
  • Get to grips with analysis of the inhomogeneous waste stream and increase your profitability
  • Practical steps to work with front end equipment, bringing you the most lucrative feedstock to ensure commercial viability

John Carlton, VP, GBB

11.10: Coffee Break

11.45: Does the increase of plastics in feedstock affect syngas composition?

  • Safeguard your operations with firsthand knowledge on the effects of increased plastics in the waste stream from expert researchers
  • Evaluate whether increased plastics in the feedstock affects the syngas composition or quality and make an informed decision on conversion technology
  • Hear from industry specialists about how syngas quality affects the production of methanol and capitalize on the best biofuels route

Craig Cookson, Director of Sustainabilitiy & Recycling, American Chemistry Council
Christian Felske Ph.D., PEng, Technical Specialist, City of Edmonton
Dr. Marco Castaldi, Associate Professor, City University of New York

Securing Financial Backing and Investment

12.15: How to make your start up attractive to investors

  • Expert suggestions from a key private asset management advisor on how to gain credibility and reach out to the investment community
  • Tailor your project to ensure that it speaks to the investment community in terms that return capital
  • Expert advice on how to prove your commercial viability and navigate a secure investment

Mark Lezell, President, Global Settlements LLC

12.45: Lunch

13.45: The Status of Available US and International Debt and Equity Mechanisms for Advanced Biofuels and renewable Chemicals from Waste

  • Discover the available debt, equity and non-dilutive funding osurces and mechanisms for project commercialization
  • Understand and apply the same mechanisms used for advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and bioenergy technology companies and their US and international projects using waste feedstocks for your own business success
  • Get to grips with credit enhanced debt, protective insurance products, strategic investor equity, non-dilutive grants and tax equityand other mechanisms in order to plan your own financial success

Mark Riedy, Counsel, Kilpatrick & Stockton LLP

14.15: Financially de-risking conversion projects

  • Ensure that your conversion project makes economic sense compared with the commodity value of biofuels and calculate your expected returns
  • Safeguard the legitimacy of your project by avoiding the economic pitfalls that would increase the financial risk
  • Discover the specific target cost for technologies and apply what they mean in the waste management area

John May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers & Co.

14.45: Green Methane

  • Discover how biomethane produced from MSW can be introduced to the conventional gas grid and utilize this source
  • Take advantage of natural gas’s chemically identically and infinitely cleaner counterpart biomethane to be a greener company
  • Learn how electrolytic hydrogen technology can convert CO2 to increase the yield of green methane and apply to your own business model

Norma McDonald, North American Sales Manager, OWS

Beyond Biofuels

15.15: Coffee Break

15.45: The Chemical Market

  • capitalize on the existing chemical industry as it looks for green alternatives that are drop in replacements to the materials they are receiving from the petroleum industry
  • discover how taking the chemical route rather than biofuel will unlock the door to a $5 billion market and monetize the market gap
  • conquer the barriers to having these proposed green alternatives to the chemical market qualified by having the product rated as a form fit function substitute

 Sadesh Sookraj, EVP Chemicals, Novomer

16.15: Converting Concepts to Contracts: Creating Winning Opportunities

  • discover the best way to obtain government contacts for your own project success
  • understand the process that a government goes through in the procurement and win support for your own commercial aims
  • help solid waste managers avoid the pitfalls and overcome the challenges of RFP development and contract negotiations

Mitch Kessler, President, Kessler Consulting

16.45: Control the supply stream

  • How to work with waste management companies and dictate which materials can be accepted, decreasing inconsistency and increasing productivity of conversion technology
  • Enhance the efficiency of your MSW to Biofuels process by discovering how a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is engineered to prepare hard-to-handle feedstock
  • Boost the energy value of your waste by adopting a pre-sort and pre-treatment process to drive profitability

Anne Germain, Director of Waste and recycling Technology, National Waste and Recycling Association



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9.00am: Renewable Energy Group Case Study

  • Discover how REG creates valuable renewable fuels from agricultural waste and co-products and apply their strategy to your own projects
  • Discover why waste conversion makes sense to the investment community
  •  Hear what conversion technologies investors are backing and why

Daniel Oh, CEO, Renewable Energy Group

9.30: Case Study: Velocys partnership with Waste Management, Ventech Engineers LLC and NRG Energy

  • Hear from Velocys about their latest venture with Velocys, Ventech Engineers and NRG Energy and apply their methods to your own business plan
  • Innovative new methods to make small scale GTLs commercially viable from landfill gas to differentiate your business in the market place
  • Get the insider knowledge on this new partnership and apply to your own business strategy for MSW success

Jeff McDaniel, Commercial Director, Velocys

10.00: Biomass-to-Liquids– the game changer

  • Gain insight into the game changing technology that is making MSW-to-liquids an economic possibility at a scale compatible with waste collection logistics, for example GreenSky London.
  • Familiarize yourself with the environmental and logistical benefits of Fischer-Tropsch derived drop-in biofuels.
  • Discover how MSW, landfill gas, and natural gas can be used as feedstocks for the production of high value, high purity specialty chemicals; waxes, lubricants and solvents, giving you options to increase your margins.

Nat Mundy, SVP, TopLine Energy Systems

Jeff McDaniel, Commerical Director, Velocys

10.30: Local policy framework

  • Meet a municipal group who plan to select a waste to biofuels conversion technology for a public / private partnership
  • Gain a unique perspective on how municipally owned facilities can team with emerging technologies to assist them in commercialization
  • What needs do municipalities have and what questions do they wanted clearly answered before developing a public private partnership

Panel of municipalities
Kelsi Oswald, Director of Solid Waste, Pinellas County
ValentinoTiangco, Biomass Program lead, SMUD

11.10: Coffee Break

11.45: Constructive due diligence vs. destructive due diligence

  • Master the artform of negotiating having projects reviewed and get through the EIA and EIS for project success
  • Grasp realistic budgets for the cost of the line item and avoid the line item rocketing through the budget and causing financial disaster
  • Take advantage of constructive advice on how to give our project credibility and make it work – empowering this sector by applying constructive due diligence

David Haberman, President,  IF LLC


12.15: Why securing an EPC contract is a project essential

  • Win credibility by learning how to secure an EPC contract giving your project the feasibility needed to win financial backing
  • Discover how working alongside an EPC contractor can overcome roadblocks to project success and apply them to your own business model
  • Ensure that your project meets critical project time frames, in a cost effective and efficient manner by working alongside a respected EPC

Ed Zughaft, Senior VP of Finance, VitAg Corp

12.45: Lunch

13.45: Converting Landfill Gas into Methanol; an economically viable alternative to electricity or CNG

Sam Yenne, CEO, Maverick Fuels

14.15: National Biodiesel Board

  • Learn what policies are in effect now to incentivize renewable fuels and promote the use of waste and recycled materials production
  • Discover what the outlook is for policies like the federal renewable fuel standard, state programs and other incentives such as the $1 per gallon federal tax creit for biodiesel and renewable diesel
  • Learn how renewable fuels will fare in Washington in the future, and what changes could be in store as Congress and the executive branch explore new or reformed policies for renewable energy

Anne Steckel, VP Federal Policy, National Biodiesel Board

14.45: Aviation Progress in Biofuels

  • Understand the amrket pull for MSW to Liquids
  • Aviation enterprise progress: a discussion of CAAFI efforts and progress, including qualification of additional jet fuel production methodologies and regional development activities being accomplished through Farm-to-Fly 2.0 program
  • Identify the opportunities for engaging with a 23B gpy market 

Steve Csonka, Executive Director, CAAFI



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